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The Program for External Quality Assurance in Haematology provides a comparison between laboratory designed and carried out to ensure any of the following: the evaluation of the benefit of the participant, the assessment of the performance of the analytical method, monitoring of diagnostic systems in vitro and continuing education, training and support to participants.

The Program for External Quality Assurance in Haematology intended to cover the following objectives:

  • Offer laboratories the ability to control the largest number of determinations in the discipline of hematology.
  • Provide objective evidence for each analytical laboratory to know the reliability of their results throughout the year.
  • To facilitate comparability of analytical results, diagnostic methods, results and outcomes extraanalíticos quality management of each laboratory with the set of laboratories participating in the same program.
  • Complement systems of internal quality control implemented in all analytical and non-analytical laboratory areas.
  • Comply with the requirements of international standards in relation to participation in intercomparison programs for those laboratories wishing to implement a system of quality management and obtain accreditation or certification.
  • Ultimately, the clinical laboratory to help improve performance and efficiency, to maintain or enhance its credibility and reputation as quality models and implement continuous improvement plans.